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Quick chain

Create a chain in three steps width cinema4d (version 9.0 and up)
Quick chain
Create a chain in cinema4d in just three steps

Step 1 : Create a spline
Create a spline for the chain

Step 2: Create a single chainchackel
Create a torus or tube for the chain parts, you can deform this single object as you like.

Step 3: Duplicate chackel along the spline
With the duplicate function you can duplicate along a spline, use rotation to rotate each chackel.

2 Responses to “Quick chain”

  1. Ragingpixels Says:

    pretty cool, though a good computer is needed to do it right, because my computer lagged like heck when I got the chain done, had to make 224 duplicates for the chain to be made, and also the segment parameters for the Torus was pretty low as well Pipe 12 and ring 9.

  2. info Says:

    I use a G5 for my 3d stuff, what’s yours ? this shouldn’t be too difficult for a G3-5

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