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Controlling walk cycle

Made this controller for a walkcycle in an educational flash game.
See:willie webwijs website

Took me a while to think about how I could do it. So made the walkcycle with 90 degree turn and stand and start in four directions put the frames after each other and marked every part (walkcycle, turn, stand, stopping, starting). Made an excel sheet with on one axe the animation cycle I needed to go and the other axe the current animation cycle. And converted this table into a two dimensional array in flash.
And on the cross I put the cycle I needed to jump to first after the current cycle has ended. Every time after I reached the end of the animationpart I look what the next part must be and jump to that. I will end at the target animation. and stop jumping. see: the animation controller here

Or see some other animation of this cute bot

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