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Model a flower

Creating a Fantasy Rose

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of making a rosebud. I used
the program Cinema 4D.

Create a rose for your love

Creating the basics

We will be making one leaf
for the rosebud, one big green leaf, one small leaf for under the rosebud, a
branch with one main branch and three side branches and one stem. The branches
en leaves will be duplicated as instances so we can alter all things even at
the end of modeling by just remodeling the parent of the instances. Create a
plane for the rosebud-leaf, Create a plane for the big green leaf, Create a plane
for the smaller leaf under the rosebut, Create 2*3 small circles for 2 small
branches, Create 1 spline and a circle for the stem. Deform the bigleaf and the
crownleaf plane in point mode a bit, to have it a little bit creased and wavy.
The stem spline is just a long and wavy line.

Deform the rosebudleaf

Deform the flat square of
the rosebud with a spline deformer with two deforming splines. One straight parallel
with the leaf and one deforming spline. This deforming spline must be wavy with
a curl at the end. Drag these splines in the dialog of the deformer . Or you
can deform the flat square in pointmode with a magnet. If you’ re not used to
deforming with the spline deformer you can also use the bezier nurbs object to
create the leaf

Texture the leaf

I created two textures for
the leaf. One for the front an one for the back for the back i used a backlight
shader (illumination 50%, shadow 60%, color #990000), for the front i used just
a gradient of yellow and red with some turbulence for the illumination. You can
try different kinds of bump noice to make the leaf not to shiny.

Create instances

Position the origin near
the bottom and some units in front of the the leaf. Copy the leaf (generate instances)
10 times. Try to figure out how much x displacement you’ll need to displace the
leaves to get them overlapped some 1/3. Displace also in the z-direction, just
as much that you don’t get any intersecting leaves. The outer leaves are a bit
bigger so i scaled the leaves 1.1 in all directions. The leave will have to spread
out, so rotate the leaves for 50-70 degrees. Note: if you want to animate the
leaves later, you can put the leaf in a null node with 0,0,0 displacement and
rotation before you duplicate the leaf.

Position the leaves

Duplicate the leaves ones
and rearrange the leaves, so you get some 3 leaves at a row.

Deforming the leaves

Put all the leaves in a single
null node and place a wrap object deformer into the same node. Position the deformer
a little bit at the front of the leaves. Choose spherical Wrap, longitude 0,360,
latitude -30, 60. The leaves will be wrapped around the deformer. You’ll have
to tweak the leaves a bit, so they won’t be intersecting each other.

Create the branches and leaves

Create a Sweep NURBS object
with the stemspline together with a circle spline for the crossection. Put 3
circles in a Loft NURBS object for the branches.

Texturing the leaf

Create a new material. Make
a nice picture of a roseleaf and create the alphachannel white for the leaf,
black for the air. Load the .psd file or other format with an alpha channel in
the bump, color and alpha channel. I used some green backlight in the luminance
channel. I textured the branches with a gradient dark to light green.

Texturing the leaf under the rose

Do the same for the leaf
under the rose ( the ones that form a crown of 5 leaves)

Copy and position the branches and leaves

Copy the leaves (instances)
put 3 leaves in a T-shape together with one main branch and two side branches.
Put them in a node and copy the node. Connect the branches to the stem. ( you
have the circles now to tweak the position of the branches) Copy the ‘crown’
leaves 4 times and place them as a crown of 5 leaves at the top of the stem.
(you can also use the arrayobject for this)

Composite and render

Now composite the rosebud
and the leaves together. Composite the scene and Render. Good luck….

very simple use of the textures

Or just create a bezier NURBS
object, deform it in point mode and use the textures and create a forget-me-not.

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