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avatar My Name is Ron Jonk

What I’ve been learning and doing professionaly

After HighSchool I studied physiotherapy. Due to difficulties getting a job I
started working in a Academic Hospital to become a nuclear medicine technologist.
Computers were my hobby since learning machine language and Basic on a commodore
64 so I learned to program the nuclear camera’s.
Multimedia was in my blood so I started a study for multimedia specialist and ended up to be a multimedia consultant on a big international IT-specialist CMG.
now renamed to LogicaCMG
Later I also did a study for 3D animation developer. And this site is the result of that combination.
My hobbies/sports are: scuba diving with underwater photography/video (maybe
I’ll show you some pictures later, when i have scanned in my slides)

I have been programming in various forms of multimediascripting for more than 9 years
now. (lingo, javascript, actionscript, Coldfusion). Recently I’ve been focusing on the areas of standards-based Webdesign and e-learning. Most of the projects you see here I’ve been developing with colleagues

My skillset currently includes knowledge of:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Cinema4d
  • Coldfusion
  • Macromedia Flash (+ actionscript)
  • Macromedia Director (+lingo)
  • (X)HTML / CSS / (unobtrusive)javascript
  • Windows Media Centre programming
  • After effects
  • Final Cut pro

Here are some of the projects I did:


Developed the prototype XHTML components and unobtrusive javascript for this website.
With these components my colleagues could create all the webpages. webpage



VNAB e-ABS (20100518)

Developed the prototype XHTML components and unobtrusive javascript for this website.
All the screens were ready to strip for the JAVA developers
See:VNAB tutorial page


Web Site

Ecoshi (20100518)2
Developed the prototype XHTML components and unobtrusive javascript with jQuery for this website. All the screens were ready to strip for the JAVA developers. Unfortunately this website did not see the daylights on the web.

Stichting rotterdamse avondschool

Willie webwijs

Developed a flash e-learning application, and modelled and animated the main character. The project save internet e-learning project was developed for the mentally impaired.
See:WillieWebWijs webpage ortry williewebwijs life
see also the publication: in the Volkskrant (dutch)


rabobank2006Made the frontend of this site with XHML, CSS, unobtrusive (and accessible) Javascript with Sifr see:Mark Wubben’s site together with Mark van den Dobbelsteen . We are proud that with a big team, this site has won the usability award 2006 out of more than 600 websites and the website of the year 2006 for financial websites See Other developer for more information



eftelinginterfaceI’ve been working on the project Pandadoom and developed the interactive interface and scripting with Macromedia’s Director for a part of the attraction of the greatest amusementpark in Holland. I had to script the several new interactive games for more than 45 touchscreens, you can find more information in this video (click on the panda to start the movie)

Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

Ministery Administration application- PRIMAV

This was a project where we made a web based application for submitting Company workpolicies to the ministery


Rabo Web-TV

We made the first media centre application for a bank and remodelled the whole (buggy) IE WindowsMediaCentre SDK. Later the webTV aplicatiion was enabled for MediaMall, WII, DailyMedia, Philips CE-TV and several other settopboxes.
Extra information on Erwyns blog


Project managementsystem Sharecom

Developed and designed a CRM application, and project management system with coldfusion, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL-server


Apron Safety test

Developed a Platform Safety Test: a multimedia e-test application made in Director for Schiphol Airport to test all employees who will be working on the airport's platform

Project Team Creator

Soft Skill Management Tool Development

Developed a multimedia cd application with macromedia director

And created several multimedia presentations and e-learning CD's
practice radiology
And last but not least my hobby..yes there's more...:-) scubadiving and underwater videography. (click on the turtle to start the movie)

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