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regular expression dutch telephonenumbers

Posted by info on April 16th, 2012

For the dutch telephone numbers is a list of prefixes defined (see and the place of the – and spaces is defined in a NEN description 2132.(

If you also want to check for the correct prefixes in your form validation here is a sample expression that checks this all: (this doesnt backtrack the existence of first added “(” to validate “()” pair) and uses ungreedy grouping for better performance.


2 Responses to “regular expression dutch telephonenumbers”

  1. remco Says:

    How do you handle 06 numbers? they are not validated now

  2. info Says:

    In 06 numbers you don’t need to check the area codes and just check it this way:
    // Allowed formats: 0612345678, 06-12345678, (06) 12345678, (06)-12345678
    var telephone = /^(\(?06\)?[\s\-]*)[1-9]\d{7}$/;
    return telephone.test(value);