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Streaming from your mac on the ACRyan media box

Posted by info on November 6th, 2011

When you want to stream your video from your mac to the RyanHD box you need to add the shortcut to your computer to the network in the RyanHD box. if you are on the network tab press menu on your remote then choose ADD. Add the IP number of your computer and your password and username. Now you can try to connect to your computer, search the directory on the computer for the music or videos and play it on you ryan HD media streamer.(it may be necessary to add the domain name in the settings too (mine was
When you have a Apple Time capsule you have to look up the IP adres from your timecapsule (I found the IP in the fritz box settings). In the Shop the seller told me I could not store and stream video from my time machine and the box was not designed for that. Only to make backups. But with the ryan HD already full I could also use the 2 TB Data partition from my timecapsule as extra storage and stream my media from there and have a better and extra wireless at home.