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Changing iCal theme in OsX-Lion

Posted by info on July 30th, 2011

I am a big fan of Lion but the iCals leather look feels not in place…The first thing I did when starting to use iCal in Lions was looking where in the settings I could change the theme.. but no luck there.

If you want to change the theme of the leather look of Os Lions iCal look further..

Y can look in the package (right click the app but be sure you copy it before you mess up the package.. better still use the copy to modify the app).

There you see the folder resources and inside the images:

You can change this picture like for instance:
to create something like:
Or  more leather grey like this
without torn paper: For those who want to be creative.. the yellow highlights on the buttons can use some retouching too…
to create this look:
I found today a site where y can download the old iCal theme here: