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Cinema 4D does not quit when little snitch is enabled

Posted by info on November 20th, 2010

For those people who are using little snitch on the mac in combination with Cinema 4D can have the problem that cinema 4D doesn’t quit and you have to force quit this application. But when you stop little snitch, C4D will quit again. So probably C4D wants to talk home somehow and little snitch prevents this I think. Or there is an other conflict with these programs. I have allowed all communication from C4D but still C4D won’t quit as long as little snitch is active.

One Response to “Cinema 4D does not quit when little snitch is enabled”

  1. info Says:

    Added: april 2011: just updated my system to 10.6.7 and updated little snitch to 2.3.6 .. And now I can Quit c4d again when LS is active.