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window.onresize = body.onresize in IE6 standard mode

Posted by info on February 11th, 2010

I did not know this before but sometimes the window.onresize does not fire when in standards mode in your webpage. In standard mode the body size will be the total size of the content not that of the window size. If you have fixed width elements in your body and get an scrollbar or have the html set to have overflow hidden in IE window.resize will not fire when you make the window smaller because the body size does not change. This is because in previous quirks mode the body size was the same as the window size. But Microsoft did not change the event triggering when standards mode was on the market and the body size was not the same as window size. You only have the possibility to set the height and width of the body to 100% but then you cannot have a padding on the body because in standards mode box model the padding gets added to the width and height. But then you still get problems when other elements like tables have a width of 100%. ( this will be 100% of the body and you get a scrollbar again)..Then you again have to go back to a layout with tables yak yak..
Also the resize in the horizontal space will be firing different then on the vertical space. When the page is loaded a (body) onresize is firing and when you change content you can get an infinite loop. Here is a jquery example to prevent this infinite looping : see