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Having problems printing in IE6?

Posted by info on April 17th, 2009

We had a problem with printing tables with thead and tfoot on internet explorer for a while. When printing long tables an extra page would be printed before the table  and the borders and page headers and footers did not print right at the table spanned pages. This was such a big issue for the client that we called the help of microsoft support ;not for free;-( The support pages on microsoft won’t help you with this problem so I’ll tell you here.  After a long test period this solved our problems: 

The problem was in de rule:
.containerOutline,.containerLeft,.containerRight,.container,.hspace { overflow-y:auto; }

The solution:
If you have a rule for overflow-y: auto remove this for printing. In the print stylesheet remove “overflow-y:auto;” by setting the overflow rule only for screen (@media screen) in a dedicated IE6 css file.