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added garbage and keyboard to the gallery

Posted by info on 4th November 2006

Some garbage and a Keyboard in my gallery added here :
see gallery



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Second place winner in c4d contest

Posted by info on 22nd October 2006

Won but did not win .. sad. won the second price in the timepiece contest of c4dcafe with my timepiece
timepiece challenge winners c4dcafe

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Adobe Lightroom

Posted by info on 23rd September 2006

Love the new features of adobe lightroom
Look at the feature. Generation tools for galleries like this flash gallery or this html gallery or even a slideshow in pdf format (save and view in reader, not in browser).

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First abstract added

Posted by info on 29th August 2006

Posted today my first abstract made with cinema4d. I noticed a tutorial on how to be creative with abstracts, and tried it myself. turned out to be fun to do. When distorting a lots of instances and modifying the camera angle you’ll never now what the outcome is. Look at the gallery to view the whole image.

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New Gallery image posted

Posted by info on 22nd August 2006

Took me a few days to create this new image “forest meditation” because cinema4d had some bugs that failed to render glows and grass in the same rendering. Took me a while to figure it out because it rendered in the editor viewer but not during normal rendering in the render window. Only when i added an id-buffer as a separate multilayer rendering and used a glow in the extra render settings the image would also not render the grass in editor viewer. Have to report it still to Maxon. go and look for it in the galleryKoji

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