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Removing multiplied layer or ambient occlusion map

Posted by info on 12th February 2007

Sometimes you merged one multiplied layer with another layer in photoshop and you don’t have the original anymore but you still have the multiplied layer. Here I found a way to remove the multiplied layer and restore to your original again. Doesn’t always works but you can give it a try. (For the 3D people reading this..)I sometime have it when I have a rendering in 3d with the ambient occlusion map multiplied into the original but want to remove the occlusion. When I have the occlusion layer rendered as a separate pass I can sometime restore some information with this trick.




Situation: multiplied layer has been added to the original


After a while you can’t get back with you history pallet and what now??

Take the separate multiplied layer and invert it.step1


Set the layermode in “color dodge” mode. Sometimes you need the linear dodge mode, don’t know why i’m not a color expert. Then merge the layers and your done.

If you know how this works, send me a mail and I can add this to this tutorial. (mail form is under the about menuitem)

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bat backup

Posted by info on 7th November 2006

Example creating backupfolder with date postfix in .bat file

see .bat commands:

@echo off
:: variables

set source=”.\sourcefoldername”
set target=”backupfoldername”
set prefix=”folderprefix”
set date=%date:~9,4%-%date:~6,2%-%date:~3,2%
set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /i /r /k /y

echo ### Backing up directory…
%backupcmd% %sourcefolder% “%target%\%prefix%%date%”

echo Backup Complete!


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DNA strand

Posted by info on 24th September 2006

created a tutorial to create a dna strand (example made in cinema4d, but you can use the technique in most other 3d apps)
DNA Tutorial

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Added metal materials file

Posted by info on 23rd September 2006

Here you can find the new goldy materials for c4d:

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Added filmreel c4d model

Posted by info on 11th August 2006

Look in the downloads for it, Example in my Gallery

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Added wax material

Posted by info on 26th June 2006

Added extra Subsurface material for wax candles for cinema4d here

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