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Re-activate one finger click-and-drag gesture in Lion

Posted by info on 31st December 2011

When I installed Lion over my old snow leopard versioned system I kept the trackpad settings. I used to use the one-finger gesture in Lion a lot. But when installing a clean Lion default it doesn’t come with the same one finger click-and-drag gesture that used to be in Snow Leopard, and instead the user has an option of enabling a three finger drag gesture through the system preferences. This post shows you how to re-enable the one finger drag gesture. So you are able to use the same settings as before on your older system.

To enable one finger drag, go to System Preferences, click on Universal Access, and then the Mouse & Trackpad tab. Now click on the “Trackpad Options…” button available at the bottom of this screen. Enable the second option, which is named “Dragging” and select the desired draging behaviour from the drop down list
After this you should be able to do one finger click and dragging just like in good old Snow Leopard.

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Streaming from your mac on the ACRyan media box

Posted by info on 6th November 2011

When you want to stream your video from your mac to the RyanHD box you need to add the shortcut to your computer to the network in the RyanHD box. if you are on the network tab press menu on your remote then choose ADD. Add the IP number of your computer and your password and username. Now you can try to connect to your computer, search the directory on the computer for the music or videos and play it on you ryan HD media streamer.(it may be necessary to add the domain name in the settings too (mine was
When you have a Apple Time capsule you have to look up the IP adres from your timecapsule (I found the IP in the fritz box settings). In the Shop the seller told me I could not store and stream video from my time machine and the box was not designed for that. Only to make backups. But with the ryan HD already full I could also use the 2 TB Data partition from my timecapsule as extra storage and stream my media from there and have a better and extra wireless at home.

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Changing iCal theme in OsX-Lion

Posted by info on 30th July 2011

I am a big fan of Lion but the iCals leather look feels not in place…The first thing I did when starting to use iCal in Lions was looking where in the settings I could change the theme.. but no luck there.

If you want to change the theme of the leather look of Os Lions iCal look further..

Y can look in the package (right click the app but be sure you copy it before you mess up the package.. better still use the copy to modify the app).

There you see the folder resources and inside the images:

You can change this picture like for instance:
to create something like:
Or  more leather grey like this
without torn paper: For those who want to be creative.. the yellow highlights on the buttons can use some retouching too…
to create this look:
I found today a site where y can download the old iCal theme here:

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archiving folder with mac’s automator

Posted by info on 1st August 2008

When you want a folder to be back-upped inside a folder with a datename for version control. It is very easy to do this with apple’s own automator.Go to automator (in your application folder or with right mouse click on a finder element -> more -> automator)  and select the following actions:

  • Ask for Finder Items 
  • Create Archive
  • New Dated Folder

Enter a name for your zipfile in the create archive folderchoose a dateformat in the new date folder actionselect ‘move passed items to the new folder’ in the new date folder action.and your done.  archivefolder

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Adobe new support

Posted by info on 13th May 2007

Adobe has added some new support for CSS bug called the CSS advisor. Great support.

here on

Also look at the video’s for CS3 at

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