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Multi touchscreen

Posted by info on 29th June 2006

This is one amazing touchscreen project that must be on my blog:
Multi-Touch Interaction Research

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Starting a new blog

Posted by JoJo on 17th June 2006

After a long time having a very very old website. Started a new site here in the frontendplace. Hope this will be a place I can make my contribution to all the other webdevelopers who are sharing there lessons learned.

Added some scripts , some tutorials in 3D modelling and take a look at my gallery. You can also learn something about me.

This blog has started in 2006. The basic idea being is that this place is also a way to store my idea’s and lessons learned over a lot of year. There are lots of sites and books where I get my recources from (look at the links). And being a multi-media specialist and a 3D developer there are lots of different kinds of knowledge I’ve been gathering. On this place I also want to “store” my lessons learned. Hope I can help others also with this knowledge.

I work on an international IT company and lots of the projects I did, I worked in a team. So my acknowledgment also goes to all the great teams and colleages I’ve been working with.

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